Us Creative Agency business cards

Us Creative Agency Business Card

Vu Tuan Phong designed these business cards for Us Creative Agency based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“At first, ‘Us’ is an entertainment complex that includes Us Coffee, Us Gaming, Us Tattoo, and Us Pub. Us Creative Agency was later founded by a young group of designers who had come to the complex for some fun, working mostly on branding and packaging design,” Vu Tuan said.

The business card is super fun and catchy. Despite being minimal, it has a standout feature that shines through – a cheerful face next to the brand name!

Us Creative Agency stationery


A Clever Logo Design

The goal of the design is to convey a simple yet bold image. However, the facial expression unintentionally gives a friendly vibe as well. This is perfect for a young and dynamic creative agency.

“As the agency is full of jolly and creative staff, I created this identity to reflect their personality through a smiling face by combining the letters U and S,” Vu Tuan explained.

“They loved the logo and agreed that it accurately reflected who they are as well as their working and developing environment.”

Us Creative Agency logo construction


Typography with a Positive Vibe

The typeface used for the logotype is Montserrat Alternates.

Vu Tuan chose Montserrat Alternates because it brings a more joyful vibe compared to Montserrat, especially with the capital letters.

“The letters with breath in their structure are easy to use in bold, and in sync with the logo’s symbol. In particular, the letter ‘e,’ which looks like it’s smiling, is capable of showing the brand’s true spirit,” she said.

Us Creative Agency logo


A Bright Colour Palette

Instead of using entirely black and white for the colour scheme, Vu Tuan added a splash of yellow to make the branding more interesting.

“For this branding, I used yellow (#FFC80A) which represents creativity, together with two solid colours that signify clarity and simplicity.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on fine art paper without any special finishes.

According to Vu Tuan, a business card design should aim towards simplicity and clarity. So, one type of fine art paper is enough to make this business card stand out.


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Designed by Vu Tuan Phong

For Us Creative Agency

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