Unhide Branding Business Card

Unhide Branding Studio designed these business cards for their design and branding agency based in Belgium that puts quality in front.

The catchy point of the design is no doubt, the embossed logotype on the back of the card. It’s simple yet memorable. “The embossed logo empowers the baseline ‘unhide your story’,” said Hlin Vanneste, the Founder of Unhide.

These high quality business cards were printed by Puntgaaf in Kortrijk, Belgium using Gmund Colors Dark Grey GC93 paper.

“Due to the logo embossing and overall look & feel of the cards, 600gr paper (glued) was chosen,” Hlin added.


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Unhide cards

Designed by Unhide Branding Studio

Printed by Puntgaaf

For Unhide corporate branding

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