Ukiyo Design Studio business cards

Ukiyo Design Studio Business Card

Vedika Kanodia designed these business cards as part of her self-branding as a graphic designer who loves to create unique and memorable brands.

This is another clean, striking business card idea that may inspire fellow designers to go for a similar approach: more focus on the brand name and the services provided.


Brand Image

Vedika revamped her logo recently and the business cards are part of the rebranding project as well.

The brand name “Ukiyo,” which according to Vedika means living in the moment.

So, that served as her inspiration for the brand identity, which aimed for a vibrant, fun, relatable and eye-catching design.

This also explains the chosen colour palette of red, white and black, which creates an amazing contrast showcased on the business cards.


Simple Typography and Chat Box

The typefaces used for the logotype are a combination of Cera Pro and Montserrat.

Vedika said that she used a very minimal, clean font for the logo and then customised it to meet her brand’s requirements.

In place of the letter “i”, an exclamation was added to further emphasise the excitement and fun concept mentioned earlier.

Another interesting design element is how the business card was done in a chat box style to show the ongoing conversations, process and creative flow that take place in a design studio or design process.

So, together, everything ties in well with the idea of a fun, process driven, relatable, modern identity created for Ukiyo Design Studio, perfectly represented by the business cards as well.


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Print Desk, a printing company in India.

The cards were digitally printed on 300gsm Moorim Pro-Digital paper.


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Designed by Vedika Kanodia at Ukiyo Design Studio

Printed by Print Desk

For Ukiyo Design Studio (personal branding)

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