Troy Goodall business card

Troy Goodall Photographer Business Card

Fuman Design Studio designed these business cards for Troy Goodall, a photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Troy Goodall is a photographer with a style that’s provocative, raw and full of black humour. He is sought after for his ability to produce world-class, compelling imagery that gets under the skin.

Troy approached Fuman for the branding project, in need of an identity that would strengthen his international reputation and captures the target audience attention, which in this case, are the advertising creatives and agencies that are so used to seeing highly-polished portfolios.

“Our challenge was to grab their attention by breaking with convention and disrupting expectations,” the designer at Fuman said.

The business card design is so minimal that only few details remained on the card, yet with a creative arrangement that make people look twice!

“Given online profiles are so easily accessible, we stripped the information back to the bone. Details that are usually mandatory became elements we could abuse, distort and even destroy.”

“Using the blood red Pop’Set Poppy, we saturated it in a black ink reverse print, leaving the details and a vein of red on the edges exposed. This created a dark and violent, yet human, impression.”

It’s also worth noting that a leave-behind folder containing Troy’s portfolio is created as a sealed object, requiring it to be torn open to access the contents. This action creates a ragged red edge that reveals the stock’s underside. Another ‘Wow’ factor for this spectacular brand identity!

Whether it’s the business card or the portfolio, each has effectively achieving its purpose in creating a lasting impression and ongoing conversations with the brand’s prospects. A good example of how simplicity can have a profound impact when used right!

Designed by Fuman Design Studio

For Troy Goodall

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