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Treasures of Africa Handmade Products Business Card

Jack Gunns designed these business cards for Treasures of Africa, a brand that specializes in handmade African products and support local communities.

“The logo has been designed to show movement and energy to reflect the rhythm and beating heart of the African people. With a combination of patterns inspired by traditional cloths and wax prints the intention is to form a united vision of Africa,” Jack said.

TOA logo
“The beautiful and diverse continent has inspired the illustration set which looks to capture the personality and charm found there. I chose a handful of icons to reflect the colourful and vibrant cultures. Celebrating the traditional customs and culture as well as showing modern day Africa and its people.”

TOA_illustrationTOA_logo and illustrationTOA_illustration2
Explaining more about the colour palette used in the branding project, he continued, “The colour palette was inspired by the burnt reds and lush green ‘earthy’ landscapes to represent the abundance of nature. The branding needed to feel distinct and recognizable as African as well as keep the handmade look to the brand.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They should be printed on 100% eco-friendly materials such as recycled linen or recycled cotton at 350gsm uncoated; giving a natural texture and finish,” Jack suggested.

TOA_business card2TOA_business card3TOA_PostersTOA logo on bag

Designed by Jack Gunns

For Treasures of Africa

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