Tr3dici cafeteria business card

Tr3dici Café Business Card

Eloise at Blend Lettering designed these business cards for Tr3dici, a café in Rome, Italy.

Tr3dici serves breakfast, snacks and aperitifs. The business card design is filled with creative drawings of food and drink, apart from an eye-catching logo.

The owner of the café wanted to portray an image of elegance and originality through the business card design.

Tr3dici cafeteria logo_interior


An Alphanumeric Logo Design

The name “Tredici” means “thirteen” in Italian. According to Eloise, it refers to a very important date for the business owner – his birthday.

“The challenge for me was to accommodate the client’s needs by including both the written and numerical parts of the number 13 in the name Tr3dici,” she said.

The font Eloise used for the alphanumeric logotype was bought for this client specifically – Magic Here. She also modified the fonts to make the logotype more fitting for the theme of the cafeteria.

“I chose this font because it has a lot of ligatures between the letters, which to me symbolize the connection the café owner has with the number 13 and all the things that happened to him on that date.”

“The game I created with the lettering was to swap the letter ‘e’ for the number ‘3’. Then, I highlighted the number ‘1’ on the vertical rod of the lowercase ‘r.’ Thus, Tr3dici was born.”

Not only that, the connective strokes between the first and last two letters within the logotype add more personality and uniqueness to the overall design.

Tr3dici cafeteria logos


Creative Illustrations and Earthy Colors

The decorative patterns can be seen on both sides of the business card.

Eloise said, “The pattern represents the world of the cafeteria with themed icons placed inside the geometric shapes, such as hexagons, which are the client’s favorite shape.”

Tr3dici’s brand colors remind us of earthy tones, complementing each other to give off a friendly and contemporary vibe.

“The client requested green be included. Then, I matched other colors, following my expertise, to give the whole image a sense of modernity and elegance.”

“The other colors in the palette were chosen with the café world in mind and were paired with green to create contrast and elegance.”

“Brown recalls coffee, beige recalls cappuccino and latte, and gold recalls elegance.”

Tr3dici cafeteria hexagonal patterns


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, Eloise suggested having them printed on a premium 400gsm thick paper stock.


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Designed by Eloise at Blend Lettering

For Tr3dici

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