Torno y Lima business card

Torno Y Lima Décor Business Card

Emilce M. Rodríguez designed these beautiful letterpress business cards for Torno Y Lima, a decorating company specialized in handmade miniature objects.

“The client is a company dedicated to the manufacture of decorative objects at scale; which are characterized by being small and unique mechanisms because their design is always different and they are elaborated in an artisanal way.” Emilce said.

“So, taking this into account, the design process was based on representing –with vintage graphics- small pieces that make up a whole.”

“It was decided then to print the cards using letterpress printing technique to give them a handmade character.”

Talleres Gráficos Purrone printed these business cards using Rives Tradition Bright White 400gsm paper, 100% handmade.

The cards have a nice pressure on the front, added by rounded corners and black/white palettes that give them great contrast and appeal at the same time.


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Designed by Emilce M. Rodríguez

Printed by Talleres Gráficos Purrone

For Torno Y Lima | Miniaturas

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