Tonic Day Spa business cards

Tonic Day Spa Business Card

Studio Nice One designed these business cards for Tonic Day Spa, an independent spa on the South Coast of Hiriketiya specialising in Ayurvedic inspired treatments.

According to Amy Quickfall, the Creative Director at Studio Nice One, the brief was to create an identity that communicated the relaxing experience of going to a spa, but with a creative and quirky twist that would appeal to the local surf scene.

Tonic Day Spa titleTonic Day Spa logo
“The design was created using individual and irregular hand cut symbols to reinforce the idea of personalisation, and to represent how in the practice of Ayurveda no two bodies receive the same treatment. Each shape growing out from the lotus flower is a symbol for nourishment received during the treatment and for the body,” Amy said.

Tonic Day Spa elementsTonic Day Spa mural illustration
The floral and spiritual motifs, paired with a young and fresh colour palette, create a modern look for ancient Ayurvedic and herbal medicine in Sri Lanka.

“As the spa is located in a popular surf spot, the overall design and colour palette was intended to be fun, fresh and quirky to appeal to the local surf scene – an antidote to the exclusive hotel and resort spas found on the island.”

Tonic Day Spa flower illustrationTonic Day Spa colour paletteTonic Day Spa icons
These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The cards would ideally be printed with GF Smith 540gr bright white colourplan, 100% print on the front and back,” Amy suggested.

Tonic Day Spa business cardsTonic Day Spa packaging

Designed by Studio Nice One

For Tonic Day Spa

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