Tonelli Handbag and Accessories Business Card

Gadut Design created these business cards for Tonelli, a handcrafted handbag and accessories brand in Perth, Australia. The use of accessories is no longer superfluous when it starts to add to your image, making your ideals and worldview tangible, in addition to fashion.

Since Tonelli has been on the market for some time, the brand owner decided that it needed a facelift to reflect the brand’s purpose and personality while also making it appear more professional.

Gadut saw this as an opportunity to explore different ways to tell an authentic brand story and choose elements that would help Tonelli differentiate itself in the market.

“The strongest attributes within our creation were modernity, handmade and sophistication. We seek to bring these same aspects into the business card design, so it escapes the obvious, bringing personality and connecting with our ‘creator’ archetype in its composition,” Gadut said.

“The overlapping of the elements in our design is purposeful and makes reference to haute couture, and the mix of fabrics and materials that the designer herself uses.”

Tonelli branding_3

Logo Design & Illustrations

Tonelli’s logo is composed of an illustration of an “eye”. According to Gadut, it refers to the “individual look” of the designer and the individuality and power to transform the piece of the person who uses it.

“The eye is our perception, the way we see the world, and it impacts the way we dress, and the accessories we choose. Everything communicates and sends a message through our style.”

The logo has also become part of the icons and unfolds to categorise the product lines between “Limited Edition”, “Custom Orders” and “Prompt Delivery”.

Apart from that, the artistic illustrations are beautifully presented on the back of the business cards.

“The illustrations are divided between the designer’s own sketches, which give us an intimate and close look at her creations, and botanical and abstract illustrations, which refer to sustainability, which is important in making and connecting with nature,” Gadut explained.

Tonelli patternTonelli branding_2

Typography & Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is Minerva Modern. Poppins and Fahkwang are used for the body text.

“They add elegance, modernity and harmony to our typographic voice. They are more minimalist because the goal is to be less impactful than the bags and accessories themselves.”

“The colour palette was influenced by a more POP, modern style that also seeks authenticity and playfulness.”

These business cards will be printed on matte couche paper, without special finishes.

Tonelli business cardTonelli stationery and bagTonelli branding_3

Designed by Gadut Design

For Tonelli

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