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This Topic Sci-Fi Publisher Business Card

Ícaro Chaparro P. designed these business cards for This Topic, a science fiction publishing house.

This Topic’s branding was inspired by dystopias discussed in the architectural, philosophical and literary fields, alluding to an institution that’s reflexive and investigative in terms of the future.

“The design idea was developed through the graphic imagery of secret organizations: hive minds represented by photography,” Ícaro said.

The business card’s use of red and white colour combo makes quite an impression! It aspires to convey a contemporary as well as a timeless brand image.


Logo & Unique Symbol

The visual identity is minimalist and gives off a mysterious vibe. Ícaro explained further,

“The icon is built based on the aesthetics of the ‘T’ character of a Blackletter typeface but with the characteristics of the brand’s main font.”

“The figure was designed to hide a mysterious eye (the eyebrow and the reflection of sunglasses are recognizable) that could be used in other applications with techniques such as the sealing wax seal.”

A star-shaped symbol can be found in the centre of the business card in which Ícaro described is a glyph of the Arhemys typeface (the main typeface).

“It is transformed through the identity to function as a separator, the opening of animations,” he added.

This Topic stationery


A Classic yet Modern Typography

The typefaces used for the business card design are Arthemys (by Morgane Vantorre) and Dia (by Schick Toikka).

Arthemys is a serif font that has an 18th century aesthetic and yet exudes a contemporary vibe that’s able to give the brand that grand entrance it deserves.

Ícaro believes Arthemys perfectly represents the occultism aura that inspires the brand.

Dia, on the other hand, is a modern sans-serif font that balances the overall branding while being very legible as well.

The combination of both (typefaces) works in building a contemporary and minimalist brand.

This Topic branding


Red for that Striking Effect

Apart from attracting attention, Ícaro mentioned that the presence of the colour red is also synonymous of chaos.

“The chromatic reference is based on the architectural project of Constant, New Babylon, where a future society is recreated,” he said.

“Before leaving the project, his final works depict an apocalypse in white, black and red: dystopian consequences.”


The Printing of Business Card

These business cards were offset printed by MOO on Arjowiggins 270gsm paper with UV varnish at the isotype.


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This Topic business card

This Topic website

Designed by Ícaro Chaparro P.

Printed by MOO

For This Topic

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