This Cafe Coffee Shop Business Card

Yu Fan Ye (who also known as ‘Fan’) designed these business cards for This Café, a coffee shop located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

“‘This Cafe’ is a minimalist coffee shop and I wanted to incorporate this idea into the business card design,” Fan said.

“So, I designed a simple hand-drawn line, with the proprietress on the card.”

This cafe business card

The colour palette was originally supposed to be matching the interior design of the coffee shop, which is mainly white.

However, Fan went for a warm colour palette instead after witnessing the rays of sunlight entering the coffee shop, especially during sunsets, giving that warm, soothing and relaxing vibe.

These business cards were printed by a traditional printing shop in Taichung, Taiwan.

When it comes to the printing material, Fan said, “I chose a relatively gentle paper to present a ‘soft feel’ texture.”


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Designed by Yu Fan Ye

For This Cafe

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