the urban dentist business cards

The Urban Dentist Business Card

Kate Lichter designed these business cards for The Urban Dentist, a modern dental practice run by three young dentists who aim to combine high-quality care with a unique experience and innovative approach.

“With an atypical choice of materials, like concrete and steel elements, combined with warm pastel tones and subtle light, the interior and brand design capture Berlin’s metropolis vibe with a perfect balance between two extremes,” Kate explained.

the urban dentist Interior design


Typography & Colours

The business card is designed to be bold and classy, not missing out on the geometric appeal of the all-time favourite font, Futura.

The brand makes its business cards stand out by using a large font and a diagonal effect to make them look more appealing.

“The client asked for a bold and unique font to match their unusual interior design approach.”

“We chose Futura for the high contrast of its simple geometric forms, near-even weight, and almost perfect circles, which makes it a unique typeface.”

“But overall, it’s dramatic and aesthetically pleasing, especially in larger sizes!” Kate added.

“The slanted split picks up the contestation of concrete and steel elements one can find all over the office, combined with warm pastel tones and subtle light that has both calming qualities as well as exciting ones.”

Soft pink and dark cyan match the interior design to make visitors feel at ease and distracted from being at the dentist without any negative expectations or associations.

The Urban Dentist


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed on Munken Pure Rough paper by Druckerei Lippert, a family-run print shop in the heart of Berlin.

“It was essential for us to find a premium offset paper that gives more of a natural paper feel and meets eco standards. With its rough touch, the uncoated stock complements our brand idea perfectly.”

“To avoid floppiness, we picked a decent gramage – 300g. The edges of the business cards are hand-painted in black, which gives them an extra neat look and unique touch.”


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Designed by Kate Lichter at Studio Kil

Printed by Druckerei Lippert

For The Urban Dentist

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