Timeless Barbershop business card

The Timeless Barbershop Business Card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for The Timeless Barbershop, a London based barbers that pride themselves on their high standards and timeless style.

Mike was approached by the owners of the barbershop to design a new brand identity that reflected their barbershops regal style.

Timeless Barbershop logoTimeless Barbershop businesscard

“I worked closely with the Timeless Barbershop team to understand their vision and created a new brand identity that helps set them apart from the tough London based competition,” Mike said.

It’s smart to incorporate razor into the logo design and Mike told us how this brilliant idea was developed, “When approached by the barbershop to design the logo for The Timeless Barbershop, I instantly wanted to design something clever for them. Originally, I used scissors instead of the razor for the clock hands but after lots of sketches I felt the razor had a nicer feel about it.”

As for the beautiful colour palette and the reason for choosing ‘3 o’clock’ over any other time, he explained, “I tried a few different times for the logo but 3 o’clock felt the most natural and appealing to the eye. I originally used black and gold for the colours but after chatting with the team at the Timeless Barbershop they mentioned that they would like a regal feel for the brand. I think the gold on the burgundy really gives that regal feel.”

And he’s right! This is a minimal, classy (and timeless) business card design that’s pleasing to the eye.

These business cards were printed on uncoated stock, 600gsm via gold foil blocking by Bensons Print.

Timeless Barbershop business card

Designed by Mike Knapek

Printed by Bensons Print

For The Timeless Barbershop

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