The Taste Therapy business cards

The Taste Therapy Business Card

Darling Visual Communications designed these business cards for The Taste Therapy, a wholesome food company.

“The client runs a kitchen and health food store that promote positive eating habits by providing affordable healthy food that are carefully curated,” said the Graphic Designer at Darling Visual Communications.

The business card is designed to portray a confident, subtle and honest image with personal touch. Apart from the earthy tones, the illustrations are expressive and unique as well. The playful link between the letter ‘s’ and ‘t’ within the brand name creates a nice twist to the serif typeface, Adobe Caslon.

The Taste Therapy business cards2The Taste Therapy illustrations

“The visual approach we took was down-to-earth and timeless, tying the notion of food to the concept of equilibrium.”

“The concept behind the visual identity is rooted in the spirit of mindfulness. The figure-sketch acts as a graphic motif for the brand identity while the colour palette is inspired by nature. It brings warmth, calmness, and harmony to the brand.”

These business cards were printed on woodfree coloured paper with black hot stamping to give them a contrasting texture.

The Taste Therapy business card1The Taste Therapy business card3The Taste Therapy business card2The Taste Therapy_illustrationThe Taste Therapy menu_packagingThe Taste Therapy brandingThe Taste Therapy menuThe Taste Therapy packaging

Designed by Darling Visual Communications

For The Taste Therapy

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