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The Skin Sculpter Facialist Business Card: Minimalistic & Premium

Giada Tamborrino designed these business cards for The Skin Sculpter, a distinguished facialist and massage therapist named Guendalina Gennari who is based in London.

With over a decade of experience using top-tier products and serving an elite clientele, including celebrities, she has honed her specialty in “The Sculptural Face Lift” massage technique, which incorporates the renowned buccal massage.

Guendalina has recently inaugurated her own clinic in the chic neighbourhood of Notting Hill.

With a keen understanding of the beauty and wellness industry, Giada ensures that every design element aligns seamlessly with The Skin Sculpter’s premium image, including the business cards.


Brand Image & Logo Design

According to Giada, the business card design is intended to reflect a premium, authoritative presence in the beauty and wellness industry.

“The aim was to convey an aura of sophistication, expertise, and exclusivity,” she said.

“This is achieved through a logo that combines geometric simplicity and elegance, representing both Guendalina’s initials and the graceful movements of her signature massage treatments.”

The logo’s geometric interplay of “GG” epitomises Guendalina Gennari’s initials while also symbolising the harmony and balance found in minimalism.

It simultaneously embodies the fluidity and artistry of her massage techniques, capturing the essence of her brand in a simple yet profound visual statement.

The Skin Sculpter facialist logo designs


Typography & Colour Palette

The logotype draws inspiration from a sans-serif font, chosen for its modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Giada explained that the clean lines and unembellished forms of the typeface communicate reliability and sophistication, resonating with the brand’s commitment to excellence and purity in service.

As for the brand’s colour palette, it is composed of gentle, light neutrals that exude calm and serenity, complemented by a touch of gold for a hint of luxury and a whisper of terracotta that adds warmth and a subtle vibrancy.

This combination is designed to evoke the natural, earthy tones of wellness and beauty with an understated opulence of the business card design.


The Printing of Business Cards

While the business cards shown here are currently mockups, Giada envisioned them to be printed on uncoated, 100% recycled paper that aligns with the brand’s sustainable ethos.

“The envisioned execution would involve meticulous craftsmanship to ensure that each card is an ambassador of the brand’s high standards and commitment to eco-friendly practices, mirroring the bespoke nature of Guendalina’s services,” she said.

Giada also proposed to apply the debossing printing technique for a tactile experience and terracotta-coloured edges that introduce a sensual, distinctive edge to the design.

“These choices are deliberate to manifest the brand’s values and the tangible quality of The Skin Sculpter’s services,” she added.


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The Skin Sculpter facialist business cardsThe Skin Sculpter facialist business cardThe Skin Sculpter facialist logotype

Designed by Giada Tamborrino

For The Skin Sculpter

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