The Shirt Studio business card

The Shirt Studio Men’s Wear Business Card

Ayisha designed these business cards for The Shirt Studio, a casual tailored men’s wear.

“My client owns a parent company and one of the colours used in their branding is dark blue,” Ayisha said, “Since The Shirt Studio was under it, the client insisted on blue of any shade.”

Speaking about the design process and inspiration, she continued, “I created mood boards – a lot of them. The client had mentioned the tailored men’s wear were pretty casual and nothing too serious. So, I took inspiration from a beach – the colours of the water and the sand. I used a greenish blue with a soft yellow beige and it turned out to look uber-chic!”

According to Ayisha, the logo was made with utmost precision and detailing because the client insisted on having something related to tailoring.

The Shirt Studio logo1The Shirt Studio tag
“I managed to create a casual cursive font with a bold yet thin serif for the wordings and added a hanger, needle and thread, because of course, it had to match the brand. The idea was for people to just look at the logo and know what the brand does – casual tailored men’s wear. Hence, the flowy thread.”

The Shirt Studio branding
When it comes to card-printing, Ayisha’s client used premium white board of 250gsm with the edges of the cards printed in blue, completing the look.

“We bought card stock with a premium quality material. It didn’t have any prominent texture but when you touch the cards in person, it’s easy to feel the subtlety of the material. We also got soft letterpress done for the logo in the front,” Ayisha said.

The Shirt Studio business cardsThe Shirt Studio stationery The Shirt Studio1

Designed by Ayisha

For The Shirt Studio

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