Queen of happiness business card

The Queen of Happiness Personal Branding Business Card

Sheila San Juan designed these business cards for The Queen of Happiness, the alter ego of Tina Ann who is a poet, a comedian, and a facilitator of inspiring workshops designed to help people find their true purpose and happiness.

“The client had background of practicing yoga and a belief in the power of the 7 chakras, energy points in the body. She wanted to use the colours that represent the different chakras. Aside from this more serious symbolism, she just simply wanted something that was a perfect balance of fun and professional,” Sheila said.

Queen of happiness illustration
“The idea of the illustration came from Tina Ann’s alter ego ‘The Queen of Happiness’ and how she wanted a way to form a human connection through her branding by creating an illustrative version of herself.”

The custom typography Sheila created for her client is equally unique and eye-catching.

Queen of happiness typographyQueen of happiness logo
Explaining the design inspiration behind it, Sheila said, “As a brand designer, I was a little reluctant of the name possibly being too pretentious for someone who was so bubbly. So, I wanted for her to be able to write ‘The Queen of Happiness’ without the illustration and still remain fun and as bold as her personality.”

“The client wanted flair, and I was able to add it tactfully by substituting the ‘i’ with an exclamation point and a graceful extension of the ‘Q’.” Brilliant idea!

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, here’s what Sheila envisioned, “I imagine a soft-touch finish with spot-UV hits on all the backside contact information.”

Queen of happiness business cardQueen of happiness branding

Designed by Sheila San Juan at On the Level

For The Queen of Happiness

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