The Play Club day-care business card

The Play Club Day Care Business Card

Witty Studio designed these business cards for The Play Club, a day-care who aims for one simple philosophy, “Play>Learn”.

The Play Club’s business card design stands out, not just because of its square layout but also because of the use of distinctive typography and vibrant colours throughout the branding.


A Square Layout Business Card

Explaining the concept, the graphic designer at Witty Studio said, “When a child plays, it shows a lot about their personality and what they want to achieve.”

“So, The Play Club focuses on them playing rather than learning.”

“We never wanted the brand to be serious or look corporate. Therefore, we chose the most basic approach to do something different – a square business card.”

“Rectangular business cards are more leaned towards corporates and professionals, but the square business card is friendlier and more approachable.”

The Play Club day-care


Unique Custom Lettering

The goal of the design was to convey a playful and welcoming brand that’s also charismatic. Witty Studio achieved that with a custom typeface that immediately gets noticed.

“The irregular custom lettering (for the logotype) was inspired by how the kids paint with a brush. We blended that style with a few lively colours and a round stamp-like look for the brand’s authenticity.”

As for the body text, Witty Studio chose Titan One and Quicksand, with the former used for the client’s name and the latter for the contact details.

Titan One was chosen due to its bold characteristics, with a flare of irregular letterforms. Witty Studio thought it was the perfect typeface for “kids” and “fun.”

The Play Club daycare logo


A Catchy Pattern Design & Vibrant Colours

Another element worth mentioning is the pattern design on the back of the business card.

The yellow “L” particularly stands out among the lettering due to it being the only coloured letter. It’s said to be depicted as a smile, complementing the day-care centre’s overall identity.

The striking colour palette is another intriguing factor that makes these business cards a head-turner.

According to Witty Studio, yellow was chosen to express fun; blue for professionalism and white for transparency.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Witty Studio suggested having them printed on 300gsm soft paper, which would allow the real essence of the card to shine through.

“We would also recommend having a 4-colour print done on an offset machine,” Witty Studio said.


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Designed by Witty Studio

For The Play Club

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