The Nightingale business cards

The Nightingale Wellness Business Card

Tati designed these business cards for The Nightingale, a health and wellness center.

The idea behind the business card design is to reflect the calm and soothing nature of the practice.

“The clients of The Nightingale are people who are seeking healing from their childhood traumas and wish to delve deep into their emotional and mental wellbeing,” Tati said.

“The practice provides a safe and warm environment for their clients.”

“It’s important for the business cards to communicate the essence of The Nightingale to its clients and stakeholders.”


Logo and Pattern Design

The brand’s symbol is an image of a nightingale to convey the calming and comforting nature of the practice.

“I have used pastel colours and a vector image of a bird to symbolize hope, freedom, and a new beginning,” Tati explained.

Apart from that, Tati also added a repeated logo pattern on the business card.

The goal was to reinforce the brand’s identity and make it easily recognizable.

The Nightingale logo


Modern Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is based on Italiana, a Google font that’s effective in presenting an elegant and sophisticated image.

“The font is simple and modern to communicate the professional and approachable nature of the brand.”

“The only change I made was replacing the dot on the letter ‘i’ with a star to add a touch of personalization and to symbolize hope, clarity and guidance.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards were printed by Forest Print. Digital printing was used to ensure high-quality, accurate and vibrant colours.

Besides that, a glossy finish was applied to enhance the overall look and feel of the cards.

To make the business cards stand out even more, rounded edges were chosen to complement the smooth form of the logo.

“Also, the rounded corners give the business cards a soft and welcoming feel, reflecting the warm and supportive environment provided by The Nightingale.” Tati added.


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Designed by Tati

Printed by Forest Print

For The Nightingale

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