The Neat Trick business cards

The Neat Trick Branding Agency Business Card

Shubham Torani designed these business cards for The Neat Trick, a consulting and branding agency in Delhi, India.

“Our brand name says it all – The Neat Trick,Shubham said. “It’s the ideology of being the magicians in the design world.”

“Just like magicians do, we have a card up our sleeve. We’re always ready to conceptualize and execute mesmerizing projects.”

For that, the agency’s business cards are designed in a way that purposely resembles the deck of a magician’s playing cards.


The Eye and Missing “E” in the Logo Design

To convey the brand message further, Shubham designed the logo with an eye and the missing letter “E” from the brand name.

“Our logo was inspired by the Eye of Ra, and it’s placed on the two corners of the card, just like how it is seen on the playing cards.”

“The eye can also represent our agency’s effort to keep the client’s brand in the limelight. It’s in keeping with what the agency stands for – a clean, minimal and effective design.”

The logo’s three lines symbolize the missing letter “E” from the company’s name.

“The logo is an amalgamation of the two ideas, which also derives our brand’s tagline – what the eye can’t see. It exemplifies our approach to use clean yet clever designs to capture the imagination of the audience.”

“With an eye for detail and a willingness to go beyond what meets the eye.”

The Neat Trick business cards_2


The Brand’s Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is called Avenir Next Condensed Bold.

The primary typeface has been carefully selected to reflect the appearance of the letter “E” in the negative space.

Source Code, on the other hand, has been chosen for the body text to represent a digital-first approach while the Bodoni 72 Bold italic font is used for decorative purposes.


Pencil Illustration & Colour Inspiration

On the back of the card, the company’s logotype is supported by a brightly coloured pencil illustration that symbolizes “creativity”.

According to Shubnam, “We have always believed that visual cues are king, as they draw the viewer’s attention first.”

“The colour combination is unique and takes a soothing and comforting approach with pink and a trustable blue to assert positioning.”

The Neat Trick business card_3


The Printing of Business Cards

Rose Gold Design printed these business cards on 200gsm Sona Bond paper, then treated them with a satin lamination overall.

“A blind spot UV effect is done on the brand’s logo and on the two corners of the card to mimic a playing card icon,” Shubnam added.

As a result, the size and the rounded edge corners of the business card are similar to a playing card, which brings the agency one step closer to the magic card approach.


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The Neat Trick business card

Designed by Shubham Torani

Printed by Rose Gold Design

For The Neat Trick Corporate Branding

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