humble pizza business card

The Humble Pizza Business Card

Heather designed these business cards for The Humble Pizza, a pizza restaurant and takeaway.

The business card is designed to express a fun and playful image. The brand uses retro and classic pizza’s vibe, hoping to appeal to families while emphasizing it’s all about the ingredients.

The visual identity also has an adorable mascot that will definitely make you look twice! It is so fitting that one can instantly feel the need to try out the pizza!

The humble pizza logoThe humble pizza mascot

Speaking of its inspiration, Heather said, “The brand mascot brings playfulness and was inspired by old vintage food advertisements which often featured characters.”

The typeface used for the logotype is called The Wild Things by Victor Barac. According to Heather, the deep shadow on the logotype is also a nod to retro style, and it creates a bold feature.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I’d print them on matte textured card to give an organic feel as this works well for a food brand,” Heather suggested.

The humble pizza business cardhumble pizza and mascot The humble pizza boxes

Designed by Heather at Lucky Fig Design

For The Humble Pizza

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