The Greenery business card

The Greenery Store Business Card

Emileah Miller designed these business cards for The Greenery, a store that imports and sources products from Southeast Asia that are ethical and sustainable.

According to Emileah, The Greenery sells all eco-friendly products including groceries, spice, health and wellbeing products, beauty, fashion/accessories and homewares.

“I wanted to make the logo earthy but whilst using bright tones. The Greenery stocks a broad range of products, so for the logo I drew an illustration that represents their ethical and eco-friendly global business,” she explained.

“As for the typography, I used the elegant font Italiana and also created a custom typeface for the ‘The’ part of the logo. I wanted the type to be both earthy and decorative, to suit the world and leaf illustration.”

The Greenery Logo
These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would print these cards on Moo’s Cotton Recyclable Business Cards. It is important that the cards align with the business’s vision of sustainability. The naturally textured feel to these business cards will also look great with the logo and branding,” Emileah suggested.

The Greenery business card The Greenery Paper Bag

Designed by Emileah Miller

For The Greenery

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