The Greatest Doughman business cards

The Greatest Doughman Bakery Business Card

Karlie Svebakken designed these business cards for The Greatest Doughman, a new local bakery specialising in unique and fancy loaves, rolls, bagels, and anything else doughy.

The name of the company is clearly a nod to the hit film The Greatest Showman, which adds to the brand’s allure! Karlie came up with the design, which is not only creative but also friendly. It’s perfect to convey the message that the company is welcoming and affordable.

The Greatest Doughman logo_5


The typefaces used in the visual identity are Bolandes Aged (from Befonts) and Wedding Gothic ATF Wide (from Adobe Fonts).

“I chose the Bolandes Aged due to its textured and authentic style, which I was hoping to represent the messy and organic aesthetic of making bread from scratch. Because of its rounded edges, it also had a happy and playful style that I wanted to bring into the brand,” Karlie explained.

“I paired it with the secondary font because of its sharp and luxurious style. I still wanted to preserve a bit of professionalism in the brand so that it could display their expertise in bread-making.”

The Greatest Doughman logo_3

Colours & Illustration

The colour palette is unique in the sense that most specialty bakeries often don’t focus on such soft, pastel colours.

“I think the colours would help the brand stand out because of their naturally cheerful nature. However, I added a soft charcoal colour to add some contrast to the designs and also draw back to the soft theme of luxury.”

Karlie chose to illustrate different types of baked bread on the business card to give another visual of what the brand specialises in.

“I drew them in an organic and detailed manner to match the ongoing aesthetic and theme of the brand,” she said.

When it comes to card-printing, Karlie recommended printing the business cards on uncoated textured paper for a more organic and natural feel.

The Greatest Doughman business cardThe Greatest Doughman Bread BagThe Greatest Doughman To Go BoxThe Greatest Doughman Storefront

Designed by Karlie Svebakken

For The Greatest Doughman

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