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The Flow Studio Therapy Business Card

Thomas Sturm designed these business cards for The Flow Studio, a small therapy studio specializing in the healing and recovery of the human body through mental and physical treatment and exercise.

This business card design may be simple, but Thomas made sure it has enough elements to win over prospects while being able to convey the essence of the brand beautifully! Let’s explain what they are.


The Brand Image

According to Thomas, the whole branding was created from the ground up and aims to reflect the core values of the studio, such as well-being, harmony, calmness, balance and a sense of flow.

“The client wanted the brand to feel moody, natural, intimate, warm, healing and modern.”

“The overall goal of their business is to guide their clients through times of change.”

“In this context, the word ‘flow’ refers to the flow of energies in the body, which can be specifically targeted during a session in the studio.”


Logo Design

Thomas brought the brands to life with some creative design elements.

“A minimal symbol was introduced to complement the graphics and reflect the spirit of flow and balance of the studio,” he said.

“The symbol was inspired by Portuguese tile-patterns while trying to create something that resembles the flow of breathing in and out.”

“The goal was to create a calming, smooth shape; an identity that reflects this spirit in a classy way and sets the studio apart from other studios with a similar services.”

Thomas also created different variations of the logo, both horizontal and stacked versions, as well as a variety of badges to frame the symbol, ensuring flexibility for different brand applications.

The Flow Studio business card_2The Flow Studio logo


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is Freight Neo Pro, a simple yet contemporary sans serif font.

Besides being legible, the main font and the use of Object Sans as the secondary typeface help make the brand look elegant and timeless.

Thomas commented that the brand colours were inspired by earthy tones: woods, stone textures etc.

Green gives a soothing effect that fits with the ideas of good health, nature and balance, which are the values associated with the brand.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed using white print, without other print finishes by Die Papierveredler in Germany.

Colorplan Plain Mid Green was chosen for the cards due to it being the closest to the brand colour we laid out digitally, and it felt like a good fit for the studio,” Thomas explained.


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Designed by Thomas Sturm

Printed by Die Papierveredler

For The Flow Studio

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