The Coffee Cause business card2

The Coffee Cause Business Card

Emir Kudic designed these business cards for The Coffee Cause, a social enterprise that raises money for local charities in the UK by selling high quality coffee.

The Coffee Cause was a startup founded by two young guys. They reached out to Emir, hoping to get their branding design done to hit the market. The design goal was to bring the brand to life and stand out.

The Coffee Cause logoCoffee Cause logo construction

The logo design needed to represent the brand’s concept and what it does. Speaking of the inspiration behind it, Emir said, “The design idea for the logo was based on the elements that are commonly associated with the client’s brand and the industry that it’s in. Therefore, the logo consists of coffee bean, a heart and a hand, as the elements for the charity organisation.”

The main typography used in the visual identity is Aclonica but slightly altered to fit more with the mark. The secondary typeface is Open Sans.

“For the pattern, the goal was to make the overall brand identity more playful, lovely while adding that unique touch, which will make the brand stand out more.”

The Coffee Cause branding
“As for the colour palette, it was found on the Adobe colour and the goal was, since we are using a lot of colours in The Coffee Cause branding, to find colours that are high in contrast so that every element is legible and easy to read.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be printed on a standard textured paper that has smooth edges, creating a business card that looks and feels great to the touch,” Emir suggested.

coffee bag business cardsThe Coffee Cause stationeryThe Coffee Cause bag 2The Coffee Cause bag 1The Coffee Cause bag_3

Designed by Emir Kudic

For The Coffee Cause

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