The Branding Doctor business card

The Branding Doctor Business Card

Cess designed these business cards for The Branding Doctor, a branding service that gives people a prescription to help them get unstuck for their brand strategy, marketing and expansion.

According to Cess, the client would like to have a unique, clever business card design and wish to avoid the generic look.

Therefore, Cess had total freedom in terms of brand direction designs.

The Branding Doctor logo


Typography & Colours

In accordance to the brand name, the business card is designed to match the idea of a medical prescription pad.

Therefore, there’s a huge blank space on the vertical side of the card.

“The idea behind The Branding Doctor was to prescribe the ‘right mix’ of branding & marketing to fit the client’s needs,” Cess explained.

“So, what I did was to incorporate the ‘Rx’ on her logo design, and a prescription pad for her business card.”

“I used a modern san-serif typography to convey and reflect the professional and trustworthy look.”

“As for the colour palette, the brand wants to have a happy and innovative vibe, so we chose the electric orange.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The card-printing will be handled by the client herself.

When asked about the printing ideas for the business cards, Cess replied, “The cards would be using standard printing as requested by the client.”

“For the printing company, I’d suggest UPrinting because of the recent clients I had.”


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The Branding Doctor logo2The Branding Doctor stationery

Designed by Cess – Studio Flikk

For The Branding Doctor

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