Terra Nura business cards

Terra Nura Lodging Business Card

Flavia Virga designed these business cards for Terra Nura, a bed and breakfast lodging located in a place between the sea and countryside in Sicily, Italy.

The business card is designed with minimalist and elegance in mind. The focus is clearly on the brand’s logo itself, with a strong link to the lodging area.

Terra Nura branding

Speaking of the logo design, Flavia said, “The logo’s pictogram was inspired by the lines of the sea (at the bottom) and the lines of the land (at the top).”

The primary typeface used is a serif font called Zenon. According to Flavia, it maintains an elegant style without looking too grave.

“The business card is very minimal and simple with blue and ochre as its brand colours. Blue represents the sea while the land, by ochre similar to the grain.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Flavia would have them printed with matte lamination on both sides.


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Designed by Flavia Virga

For Terra Nura

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