Taza Sana Açai Bowls & Smoothies Business Card

Taza Sana Açai Bowls & Smoothies Business Card

Luis Brenes designed these business cards for Taza Sana, an açai bowls and smoothie store.

“I had full freedom to work on this project. The client’s main customers were young and healthy people, who might be very interested in sports and a clean lifestyle,” Luis said.

“So I was looking for something that wasn’t too serious, but professional.”

When asked about the design process, Luis replied, “I started with some paintings using watercolours, but I wasn’t really getting the impact I wanted.”

“So, I tried to imitate what I had painted (the U shape vectors) with Illustrator. As a result, the grungy style of the letters and figures.”

Taza Sana Açai Bowls & Smoothies logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by a local printing company in Costa Rica.

“The business card itself needed to feel as it looked, kinda rough and with some texture, so a thin paper was not the idea,” Luis explained.

“The card also needed to be clean, since it had enough white space.”

Overall, it’s a vibrant, playful business card design that offers a handmade, organic feel that the targeted customers would appreciate.


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Designed by Luis Brenes

For Taza Sana-Açai Bowls

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