Taste Australia Business Card

Geoff Courtman designed these business cards for Taste Australia – a project for Hort Innovation, a grower owned research, development and marketing company representing Australia’s $9 billion horticulture industry.

“Hort Innovation approached us to address the quandary of what to do with two disparate trade and export brands – ‘Australia Fresh’ and ‘Now in Season’. With sound research, the decision was made to rename the initiative ‘Taste Australia’, which provided not only a nod to provenance but also a sensory-based invitation to literally taste the best of what Australia’s fruit, vegetable and nut farmers offer,” said Geoff, the Design Director at Strategy Creative.

“Having established the new name, we crafted a full brand identity scheme completed with a new logo and dynamic visual imagery through a large suite of illustrations that covered off the complete range of products along with a series of vignettes that spoke to Australia’s climate, outdoor lifestyle and farming practices.”

“These new brand identity assets were applied to various applications including business cards. The many illustrations created were used in various arrangements across the backs of the cards to create a dynamic series.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards are intended to be printed on 400gsm uncoated off-white card in CMYK with a Spot Gloss UV over the logo only,” Geoff suggested.

Designed by Geoff Courtman at Strategy Creative

For Taste Australia (Hort Innovation)

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