Tasos Andriotis Chef Business Card

Tasos Andriotis Chef Business Card

Harry Chrysanhtopoulos designed these business cards for Tasos Andriotis, the chef of The Rose Garden Restaurant & Wine Bar in Greece.

Speaking about the design idea, Harry said, “The client wanted a simple and elegant business card design.”

“The main idea was to create a card that stands out from the rest, so I used a black and white combination to keep it as simple as possible.”

“Then, I printed the cards on 700gsm paper for a more ‘solid’ result.”

These business cards were printed by Kartomania onto two layers of 350gsm paper.

Afterwards, the cards were laminated before edge-painted with black colour to give it a nice finish!


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Designed by Harry Chrysanhtopoulos

Printed by Kartomania

For Tasos Andriotis

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