Tanuki Sushi House business cards

Tanuki Sushi House Business Card

Rashnu Studio designed these business cards for Tanuki Sushi House, a sushi restaurant that focuses on serving the freshest sushi bites.

From the classic maki rolls to the latest viral sushi recipes, Tanuki Sushi House has a roll for everybody! What sets this restaurant apart is its unconventional approach to branding.

Embracing a non-traditional ambiance, Rashnu Studio created Tanuki’s identity to look modern and stand out from other competitors.

Even the business cards look unique with their vertical layout and delightful illustrations!


Brand Image

Since the restaurant is based in a non-East-Asian country, Rashnu Studio wanted it to represent the culture with its visual identity.

Speaking about the visual direction, Rashnu Studio shared, “We wanted Tanuki Sushi to be fun, colourful, and playful.”

“In this project, we aimed to portray our client’s love for Japanese culture and cuisine without repeating the old designs that we always see in Asian and Japanese restaurants, and the name of the brand played a big part in it.”


Logo Design

Striving for simplicity and playfulness, Rashnu Studio took inspiration from the Tanuki, a mythical Japanese creature known for its shape-shifting abilities and resembling a raccoon dog.

These shy nocturnal creatures can be found across the Japanese isles, and their statues are popular decorations in homes and shops.

Tanukis hold a special place in Japanese culture, known not only for their cuteness but also for their mischievous and tricky nature.

Therefore, it’s perfect when Rashnu Studio made use of the idea of Tanuki’s shapeshifting ability as a way to mix this character with a type of sushi to form the logo.

Tanuki Sushi House business cardRashnu logo construction


Illustrations and Patterns

Besides the cute mascot, various sushi arrangements can be seen on both sides of the business cards.

“The illustrated sushi is used as supporting design elements and in the pattern, which we think can help enhance the brand’s vibe and character.”

These adorable illustrations and patterns extend across Tanuki Sushi House’s branding materials, including their packaging designs, which are aimed at being recyclable, lightweight and see-through.


Typography, Colours & Business Card Printing

The typeface used for the logotype is Jellee Bold while Roboto is used for the body text.

Rashnu Studio explained that choosing Jellee as the primary font was due to the fact that they were looking for a font that was simple yet had characteristics that would go well with our main logo.

“The whole brand has a cute, soft and simple vibe, so after playing around with different fonts, we felt like Jellee Bold was a good choice.”

“And since we wanted to bring attention to our main logo, we didn’t really feel the need to do anything crazy with the typeface.”

The colour palette draws inspiration directly from the sushi itself: dark green represents Nori, bright orange-pink symbolises salmon, and off-white or light grey represents the rice (in sushi).

Although the business card images presented here are mockups, Rashnu Studio suggested offset printing on 14/16 pt cardstock for these business cards.


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Designed by Rashnu Studio

For Tanuki Sushi House

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