Tania Blanchard business cards

Tania Blanchard Artist Business Card

Maria Harran designed these business cards for Tania Blanchard, a Gold Coast-based visual artist who specialises in colourful and textured art.

Tania has developed her own signature style, which appears to be a minimalistic, impressionistic scene from a distance. However, if you look closely, you can see an immense layering of coloured ‘impasto dots’, which gives each of Tania’s paintings a beautiful complex depth.

In addition to being hypnotic and emotionally charged, Tania’s work is visually stunning due to her innovative use of colour. Tania enjoys experimenting with colour combinations and wants her art to make people feel something. That’s exactly how she got her business cards made!

Tania Blanchard artworkTania Blanchard artwork2

In addition to being vibrant and eye-catching, Tania’s business cards are bold and playful. The most memorable part is none other than Tania’s signature ‘dot’!

The goal of the design was to create a branding that represented Tania’s artwork and personality. The logo incorporates her signature mark found in all her artworks. Instead of embossing the dots, Tania decided to go for a more personalised approach – hand painting the dots on the back of each business card!

“Tania has a unique and signature dot style and I wanted to emulate this in her branding. We created a colour palette that reflects her bold use of colour as well,” Maria explained.

Tania Blanchard business card_3

The colour selections were excellent, with the magenta brand name positioned on the front of light blue, yellow and green background. The back of each card is magenta with a complimentary colour paint dot.

“The font used for the brand name was based on the typeface called Navigo. The space within the characters has been custom filled in to suggest the bold marks the artist makes on the canvas,” Maria added.

These business cards were printed by MOO on 600gsm Mohawk Superfine Paper with a magenta seam. The artist’s brand colour palette was used to print four complementary colours. Each card includes a unique signature painted dot from Tania in a complementary colour. This is truly a memorable business card design that exudes personality and style!

Tania Blanchard business card_4Tania Blanchard business card_2Tania Blanchard tapeTania Blanchard box

Designed by Maria Harran

Printed by MOO

For Tania Blanchard

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