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Taiyaki Snacki Ice Cream Shop Business Card

Kat Design designed these business cards for Taiyaki Snacki, a concept brand design for a Taiyaki ice cream shop that also sells cream-filled cookie snacks.

Kat has always had the knack of making a brand look absolutely adorable and catchy! She did it again with these pink coloured business cards. They feature a die-cut taiyaki shape that adds a playful touch to the cards!

According to Kat, the goal was all about creating that cute, simple and family-friendly vibe for the brand.

“Taiyaki Snacki’s mission is all about spreading happiness through delicious taiyaki ice cream and cookie snacks, bringing joy to people of all ages who love sweet treats.”


Brand Image

The goal of the design was to project a cute and welcoming image to the customers.

So, Kat incorporated rounded corners into the logo design to portray a soft and friendly vibe.

As for the brand name, it was inspired by the idea of creating a catchy rhyme, so it was memorable and fun to say, Taiyaki Snacki.


Logo Design and Unique Shape

Kat had a clear vision when it came to designing the logo. She explained, “I wanted to create a simplistic logo of a taiyaki ice cream.”

“First, I drew the taiyaki from a reference photo, but it had too many scales and details. So, I redesigned the illustration using a grid and circles to simplify the scales and ice cream shape.”

“My aim was to create a minimalistic, easily recognisable logo that’s perfect for packaging and merchandise aesthetics.”

She sure did! Not only that, Kat made sure the unique essence transcended the overall design by going for die-cut business cards.

“I wanted the focus to be on the taiyaki ice cream logo, thus the unique-shaped business cards.”

“They were meant to create the visual effect of holding an ice cream cone right in your hand!” she added.

Taiyaki Snacki_logo modification


Typography and Colours

The font used for the logotype is Urbane Rounded. It was a perfect fit because it matches the rounded corners of the logo, creating a friendly vibe!

As Kat puts it, “The smooth corners of the font complement the brand’s playful and inviting characteristics.”

To make the brand stand out, the business card features the logo in the primary pink colour against an off-white background.

As for the contact information side, the wordmark matches the logo’s colour, with the text in black for good contrast and readability.


Business Card Printing

If these business cards were to be printed, Kat suggested having them printed on 380 gsm soft touch paper with an 18pt thickness.

She added, “To enhance the premium die-cut print, the logo would be embossed, providing a tactile texture on the scale shapes.”

“At the same time, the business cards would be edge-painted with the brand’s primary pink colour.”

From what we see, these business cards are bound to bring a whole lot of sweetness to anyone’s day! Wouldn’t you agree?


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Designed by Kat Design

For Taiyaki Snacki

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