Sztybor Writer Business Card2

Sztybor Writer Business Card

Kalina Możdżyńska designed these business cards for Sztybor, a Polish writer who creates scripts for movies, comics and children’s books.

Due to the nature of the scriptwriter’s work, Sztybor often stays in the shadow of the illustrator. It’s common for the readers to ask for his signature with a drawing.

Sztybor wanted to add something special and memorable to his autographs. Thus, an attractive, memorable visual identity was born –  a logo that depicts a knight riding a Capricorn, which is also Sztybor’s zodiac sign. The knight is holding a pen, symbolizing Sztybor’s line of work.

As for the business cards, the logo is paired with the Jauría typeface that might seem to be a classic serif, but at a closer look reveals its bold, modern character.

These business cards were printed via the letterpress method onto a cotton paper, completed with blue-colored edges. A very clean, professional design that makes an impression!

Designed by Kalina Możdżyńska

Photographed by Federico Caponi

Printed by Oficyna Drukarska

For Sztybor

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Jennifer Wong
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