Swanson's Fabrics business cards

Swanson’s Fabrics Business Card

Liz Moran designed these business cards for Swanson’s Fabrics, a community fabric and fiber craft store stocked with the unused items of other sewers.

“Their aim is to make sewing with high-quality materials an affordable activity, and to help people with too much find a way to pass their supplies on,” Liz said.

According to Liz, the design goal was to make an identity that feels fresh and modern while mixing masculine and feminine gender cues. Young, old, and all genders should feel welcome in the shop.

Swanson's Fabrics Sign

Logo & Pattern Design

Speaking of the logo design, Liz said, “The swan motif came from the owner’s name and the shop’s location near the Connecticut River, where you can often see swans swimming by. The swan was designed in a simplified, geometric style to reference the forms of quilt patterns.”

“Additionally, the client requested incorporating their family mark, which consists of two triangles stacked tip to tip. While the mark didn’t work as part of the logo, it formed the basis of the secondary triangle graphic pattern, which also shares the same angles and quilt inspiration as the logo.”

Swanson's Fabrics Inspiration_processSwanson's Fabrics business card2

Typography & Colour Palette

“The logotype is set in Gotham because of the clean, geometric feel. The secondary typeface is Oswald, which provides contrast with its narrow letterforms.”

Instead of using a colourful palette, which is usually the go-to style for fabric/clothing brands, Liz opted for black and white as the primary colour palette for good reasons, “This is because it felt unexpected for a fabric store. Also, it allowed the colourful fabric to stand out,” she explained.

These business cards are not printed yet. However, Liz has a good idea how the cards would turn out, “The plan is to print them on recycled cotton paper from MOO because that has a high quality feel, and also fits with the owner’s mission to recycle and reuse fabric.”

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Designed by Liz Moran

For Swanson’s Fabrics

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