Suvi swimwear business card

Suvi Swimwear Business Card

Anna Bressi designed these business cards for Suvi, an Australian sustainable swimwear brand targeting millennial women of all shapes and sizes.

Suvi places a high priority on sustainability and the environmental impact of their business. Therefore, all Suvi products are made of recycled materials.

The company’s ultimate goal is to become Australia’s leading luxury swimwear brand and to eventually go global.


A Minimal and Timeless Brand Image

The business card design is simple and elegant at the same time. Anna incorporates different typefaces and a custom-designed logo to make the brand stand out from competitors.

“The brand is focused on simplicity, empowerment and is conscious of its environmental impact. Which is why it uses recycled polyester and plastic to create all of its swimwear,” Anna said.

“When designing the business cards, we took the minimalist approach while still making a bold statement – reflecting their signature swimwear pieces.”

“Through embossing print techniques, we added that premium final touch and a creative visual element.”

Suvi swimwear branding2


A Sleek Logo Design

According to Anna, the goal of this design was to create an identity that portrays a confident, minimal and premium statement.

The logo was a mashup of the brand name in square format.

“The font was customised with subtle curves that hint at the waves and the shapes of the body,” she added.

Suvi swimwear logo


Contemporary Typography and Neutral Colours

Anna custom-designed the Suvi logotype. Other typefaces used for the visual identity are Cooper Hewitt and Lora.

She explained, “We wanted something bold but timeless for the logotype. So, we opted for the simplistic design with subtle curvy elements to add visual interest.”

Cooper Hewitt is a heavy sans-serif font that’s strong and simplistic. It’s combined with Lora, which in contrast is a softer and more traditional serif font.”

Both additional typefaces look contemporary, and they complement the overall look of the visual identity perfectly.

Regarding colour, “We used a neutral colour palette for the business cards, mimicking the sandy beaches and natural elements that don’t overshadow the products and make them really stand out,” Anna said.

When it comes to printing the business cards, Anna suggested having them printed on thick, uncoated textured paper with the logo embossed.


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Suvi swimwear business cardSuvi swimwear logotypeSuvi swimwear products

Designed by Anna Bressi

For Suvi

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