Sushi Shiba business cards

Sushi Shiba Japanese Restaurant Business Card

Kat Design designed these business cards for a sushi restaurant named Sushi Shiba.

One look at these sushi restaurant’s business cards and you’ll be captivated by the adorable logo and the illustrative patterns!


A Cheerful and Friendly Brand Image

Kat created a happy Shiba mascot for the Japanese restaurant in accordance to the brand name.

“My vision was to create a cute, friendly, and cheerful character to represent happiness while eating sushi,” Kat explained.

“The brand’s slogan, ‘Let the good times roll’, appeals to a youthful and fun audience that appreciates a good pun and good time spent with friends.”

One of the business card designs emphasises the logo to demonstrate an illustrative style, while the other is more classic, with the logo in the centre and the contact details at the bottom.

In both cases, the backs of both sets of business cards are decorated with an illustrated pattern to give them a fun appearance.

Sushi Shiba illustration


Cute Logo and Illustrations

According to Kat, the mascot was inspired by an image of a happy Shiba that really enjoys eating sushi.

“I thought a Shiba mascot would be really cute because Shiba and sushi both originated from Japan.”

“The nose and tongue have a heart shape to represent love for sushi. In connection with sushi, the tongue also resembles the shape of a fish tail.”

The backs of the business cards were filled with lovely little icons that were all based on famous Japanese delicacies.

Kat continued, “The Illustration icons combine both outline and fill styles. In order to make the icons cohesive with the logo, I wanted to have an outline of one weight, and colour parts of the icon.”

“Additionally, I wanted to incorporate the heart shape wherever possible, such as in the sushi roll and tempura.”

Sushi Shiba logoSushi Shiba products

Sans Serif Fonts and Sushi Colours

The typefaces used are Cocogoose and Athletics.

Kat chose Cocogoose for the primary typeface as it’s a bold, sans serif font with rounded corners to give the brand a friendly and soft appearance.

Athletics, on the other hand, is a thinner, lightweight font that can provide contrast in weight while maintaining consistency with sans serif.

Kat shared that the brand’s colour palette represents the different colours of sushi:

  • pink – salmon,
  • light orange – tuna,
  • light green – wasabi,
  • red – tobiko,
  • brown – tempura,
  • off black – nori.

“I used pink, light orange, and red on the business cards for a vibrant and cheerful vibe.”

Sushi Shiba logo variations


The Printing of Business Cards

If these business cards ever get printed, Kat suggested having them printed on 380gsm soft touch paper at 18pt thickness.

“For an extra touch, foiling would be a nice addition to the illustrative pattern design,” Kat added.


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Designed by Kat Design

For Sushi Shiba

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