Susana Torralbo personal branding business card

Susana Torralbo Personal Branding Business Card

Meg Harrop designed these business cards for Susana Torralbo, a marketing and communications extraordinaire with online courses based in Spain.

Susana approached Meg for the rebranding project, including the logo and brand design. One of the client’s design goals was to differentiate herself from her competitors.


Logo Design & Typography

Meg created a logo design that’s not only made Susana’s brand stand out but memorable as well!

“Susana and I were inspired by quirky typography and abstract shapes and drawings and wanted to create lots of movement and energy within the brand design,” Meg said.

“I created the main logo with a playful, unusual mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. I used a combination of hand-drawn elements throughout the rest of the branding to make it feel energetic and interesting.”

And Meg was right—Susana’s brand now has a fresh and exciting personality thanks to her creativity!

Susana Torralbo colour palette


Illustrations and Colours

To enhance the brand further, Meg created the textured background and all the hand-drawn elements that made this brand design so vibrant and special.

The colour palette is also perfect for expressing a dynamic and energetic brand!

A particularly interesting facet of this rebranding project is the submarks designed by Meg. She explained, “I used some playful wavy lines of text for this branding and drew the faces.”

“The lines making the faces are connected, which perfectly symbolises Susana’s business—how she works with other entrepreneurs to help them connect with their audience and grow their businesses.”

Susanna’s business cards are a testament to how design can be seamlessly integrated into real-world applications. They incorporate the distinctive logo, typography, and abstract elements to communicate the essence of Susana’s brand.

All in all, this is a super fun business card design (and rebranding project) that looks welcoming and sophisticated at the same time!


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Susana Torralbo personal branding business card    Susana Torralbo submark_2 Susana Torralbo submark2Susana-Torralbo-submark-with-background Susana Torralbo website

Designed by Meg Harrop at Lemon & Birch

For Susana Torralbo

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