Sunny business cards

Sunny Barbers Business Card

Ticky Lan designed these business cards for Sunny, the owner of a Australia-based Japanese barbershop.

According to Ticky, the client wishes to have a logo designed for his new business, which will also be applied onto his business cards, merchandise and products.

Sunny haircut logoSunny Logo Colour Palette
“The logo was inspired by the iconic colours on the Japanese flag to represent the client’s ethnicity; an illustrated logo containing the client’s Japanese name was created to add a sense of playfulness to the overall brand aesthetic,” Ticky said.

The typeface used in the visual identity is Apercu Regular.

Although not involved in the card-printing process, Ticky suggested, “The business cards are expected to be digitally printed on uncoated white stock at approximately 300gsm with a matte finish.”

Sunny business cardSunny logo on MerchandiseSunny Tote BagSunny window signage

Designed by Ticky Lan

For Sunny

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