Sundays Gin business cards

Sundays Gin Distillery Business Card

Robert Wiltshire designed these business cards for Sundays Gin, a boutique gin distillery based in Melbourne, Australia.

With the goal of preserving and re-creating the joy of good times spent with good friends on Sundays, the Sundays Gin brand was established.

“Sundays Gin specialises in small batch, approachable gin. Simply put, Sundays (the brand) makes a damn tasty gin, with no specific occasion in mind,” Robert said.

“With a generous splash of playfulness added for extra measure, Sundays hopes to inspire the next ‘GINeration’ of gin lovers to get mixing with its bright and crisp flavour.”

Sundays Gin product

Logo & Typography

The idea was to create a distinctive look for the client – bold, fun and sophisticated. As a result, Robert came up with a look that was both playful and confident.

An entirely new logo was designed from scratch while Clarika Pro is the typeface used in the body text.

Sundays Gin business cards_2Sundays logo and patterns

Patterns & Colour Palette

“The key feature of the branding is the colourful, playful and sophisticated pattern. The custom wordmark is purposely understated to juxtaposition the use of the pattern. Essentially the pattern is the hero and the logo takes the back seat,” Robert explained.

Colour is obviously an important part of Sundays’ identity. It adds personality and instant recognisability to the brand. Despite its playful and bold nature, the colour palette is both contemporary and sophisticated.

“The colours are best used together when they are used within the pattern. Each pattern was created to represent the unique personality that each individual Gin possesses.”

Sundays Gin business cards_1

These business cards were digitally printed in Melbourne.

“I always suggest to my clients that they go with a beautiful, textured, uncoated stock. I also recommend a thick stock, at least 600gsm with a nice texture.”

“Personally, I am a huge fan of letterpress. This is something that I often suggest to my clients, but in this case I felt that it was not necessary as the colours and patterns are the hero,” Robert added.

Sundays Gin business cards_3Sundays Gin business cards_4Blank White Wine Box Mock up on light gray background.CardboardSundays Gin_packaging designSundays Gin_1Sundays Gin billboard_2Sundays Gin billboardSundays Gin posters

Designed by Robert Wiltshire

For Sundays Gin

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