Sugardough Bakery business cards

Sugardough Bakery Business Card

Deep Fried Studio designed these business cards for Sugardough, a pastry shop in El Salvador that’s well known for its delicious cupcakes, cookies, cakes and brownies.

The bakery’s business card stands out with its bold red design and cute motifs. With a smiley face embedded in the design, the logo exudes warmth and friendliness.

The business cards are among the most striking designs because of the festive and cheerful vibe they convey. The aim of the design was to express the sense of joy and fun times that one gets when indulging in the desserts.


A Fun and Elegant Brand Image

“As a whole, desserts are a complex art. Each one requires high attention to detail, organization, and great creativity,” said Majo and Juan, the designers at Deep Fried Studio.

“The result is always something clean and elegant. That’s what the focus was when we created the collateral – we achieved a fun and elegant solution.”

“When designing the business cards, we aimed to convey that happy feeling by using the brand’s icons.”

Sugardough Bakery box


A Friendly Logo Design and Custom Font

Since this is a rebranding project, a new logo is needed to show a fresh start while keeping the quality of the brand.

Deep Friend Studio used a custom-made typeface as they wanted the logotype to have a handmade feel to it but also feel well structured and elegant.

“We were inspired by the buttercream swirls that cupcakes are known for. Then, we sketched the proposals by hand and settled on a custom typeface that was a good fit for the Sugardough.”

“The secondary typeface used is a font called Akrobat.”

Sugardough Bakery logo


Adorable Drawings Inspired by Happiness

The icons and illustrations were inspired by the buttercream decorations on cupcakes and the positive feelings and good memories that comes with the desserts.

Deep Fried Studio claims that the logo was the inspiration for their entire brand.

“After we had the main isotype, we created the different elements from the bakery’s menu using the logo as a base.”

“That way, all of the resources are cohesive and the brand is much more uniform, while also being fun and full of personality.”

“Each of the icons has their own personality related to the ingredients and how the client associates them.”

Sugardough Bakery icons


A Lovely Colour Palette

Red, pink, and orange are the primary colours associated with the brand.

“The pink colour represents sweetness, delicacy and attention to detail.”

“Sugardough is also meant to be bold, which is why we included a red/orange tone, as it’s strong and provides a nice contrast when paired with pink.”

“Thanks to this contrast, information is easier to read as the important elements (the orange ones) catch your eye.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Deep Friend Studio recommended having the business cards printed on a matte paper with a pink-tone similar to the brand’s pink, and printing the icons on it using offset printing.

They suggested using screen printing for the rest of the elements. That way, a bright and colourful orange ink could be used on the business cards.


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Designed by Deep Fried Studio

For Sugardough Bakehouse

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