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Studio Tutto (Art Studio) Business Card

Danielle Harris designed these business cards for Studio Tutto, the Los Angeles Public Art studio of Sofia Laçin and Hennessy Christophel who install murals and sculptures that are inspired by the nature that surrounds the space they are working in.

Danielle Harris managed the branding project including designing the logotype, website, business card and other collaterals.

“Studio Tutto have coined a personal style of work they call ‘Ancient Modern’ which weaves in the foundations of ancient artwork principles with very modern concepts to create something timeless and bold,” Danielle said.

“Their name is Italian and means ‘Art in Everything’ and so we hoped to infuse everything we made for them with this romantic point of view.”


Logo Design, Typography & Colours

Studio Tutto’s business card design is very type-driven and creative enough to impress those who’ve seen it!

“The typeface is Love by Paris-Based studio Violaine et Jérémy (VJ-Type),” Danielle explained.

“I knew I wanted a classic/modern serif but when I saw the ‘U’ in this typeface I was stopped in my tracks because it brought that element of nature to the type in the most subtle and sophisticated of ways.”

“Starting with this typeface, I decided to adjust the ‘U’ to be a bit more legible/subtle and the letter ‘D’ to be more proportional to the rest of the letters.”

“These tweaks also make the mark more ownable for the client.”

Studio Tutto card_pattern

The typography used large font that’s not only legible from afar, but all the ‘O’s in the brand name are connected when placed together. How clever!

“To further express the idea of Ancient Roman principles, I chose a very concrete-esque colour for the paper and figured out a way to repeats the cards so they would connect when laid side by side.”

“This makes them feel like solid, foundation bricks to me but also expresses their idea that art and nature are connected.”

These business cards are not printed yet but according to Danielle, they will use Gold Image Press in Culver City, LA.

“The cards will be printed on Neenah Environment paper 270 gsm, uncoated, slightly raw in texture but only minimally so they still feel high-end,” she said.


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Designed by Danielle Harris

For Studio Tutto

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