Studio Posen business card

Studio Posen Graphic Designer Business Card

Studio Posen designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a graphic studio based in Brussels started by Kristel Posen, former architect but now a full-time graphic designer.

“At Studio Posen, we help startups and established businesses tell their story and gain visibility through branding,” said Kristel Posen, the founder of Studio Posen.

“From brand identities, instagram, websites, packaging to everything print related, we help brands create their story.”

“The identity of Studio Posen was designed around the concept of triangles – and this specific shape because it’s one of the basic geometric shapes.”

“My background as an architect might also have something to do with this, I’m fond of really simple geometric shapes.”

Studio Posen triangle shapeStudio Posen_business card


Typography and Colour Palette

“The font Beausite Grand, a high contrast font, is used to create the logo.”

“The text on the business card is arranged in 2 parts, in triangle shapes and the ‘o’ of ‘studio’ is tilted 45 degrees to the left to create a disruption in the simplicity of the typography.”

As for the colour, Kristel used a lavender paper, “It’s the specific brand-colour for Studio Posen. It’s a really trendy colour these days and it is used a lot, but I still love the way it pops.”

This is a single-sided business card and according to Kristel, this was done for two reasons.

“First of all, I wanted to capture the attention of someone and make them get to know you in an instant.”

“This is easier to do with a one-sided business card – there is no need to take time to read the secondary info, because everything is equally important.”

“The second reason is because the letterpress costs can rise a lot while making an extra side to the business card.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Studio Esteban, a contemporary letterpress studio in Belgium run by Sebastiaan Barbé.

“He makes sure all designs are executed with the most precise care. I really trust him in delivering only the best,” Kristel complimented.

“The specific paper used for the design is GF Smith Colorplan Lavender 700 gr.”

“The printing technique used is letterpress. I wanted a business card that you can’t just throw away.”

“It needed to make a lasting impression, so that’s why I chose the tactility of a 700 gr paper together with a letterpress technique.”


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Studio Posen business cardsStudio Posen_letterpressStudio Posen_business cardsStudio Posen brandingStudio Posen_Portfolio

Designed by Studio Posen

Printed by Studio Esteban

For Studio Posen corporate branding

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