Studio He architecture business cards

Studio He Architecture & Interior Design Business Card

Giada Tamborrino designed these business cards for Studio He, a full-service architecture and interior design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Studio He approached Giada to develop a sophisticated brand identity with sustainability in mind. That’s why it’s important that the business card convey a minimal, timeless and stylish image.

Giada brought the brand’s visual identity to life by fusing Swedish design style, hygge vibes and the studio’s signature and eco-conscious approach to their projects.


Simple & Effective Logo Design

Founded by Xiao He, an architectural designer, Studio He aims to design your dream home from the first sketch to a finished home. The goal is to create timeless designs and spaces that are functional and improve people’s well-being.

Giada said that the logo design was inspired by the brand name itself, and that’s not all.

“The logo mark represents the letter “H,” and a house silhouette merged to create an elegant, minimal logo representing and identifying the brand.”

“We wanted to create a symbol that would convey the brand’s message and values: classy, established, elegant, avant-garde, and minimalist.”

“The ‘H’ monogram reflects just that: its continuous line gives life to a symbol that embodies the brand’s personality and how it wants to be perceived.”

Studio He architecture interior design_monogram


Typography and Unique Text Arrangement

The logotype was based on an existing font, which was then customised to add distinctive characteristics.

“The font’s simplicity represents the brand’s clean, Scandinavian style and it was inspired by the geometric shapes found on blueprints, with is a reference to architecture and interior design.”

“Using a clean, sans-serif font, we create a strong contrast between the symbol and the brand typography, allowing the logotype to stand out.”

“In addition, the uppercase letters ensure the logo looks neat and clean.”

The business card was simple in design, but it stood out thanks to its double, stacked, blind-debossed “STUDIO HE.”

Giada says that the unique way the text is set up on the business cards is based on the secondary logo.

“We decided to use this secondary logo version so that the card could be seen and read on different sides.”

“We didn’t want a conventional layout. Instead, we wanted something engaging, stimulating, and dynamic to encourage the card-receivers to play while holding the card.”

Studio He architecture logo


Nature-Inspired Brand Colours

The business card design features a nice contrasting colour palette of white and dark green.

Giada explained that the brand’s colours – grey, green, and warm, muted tones – are inspired by nature and the wild landscapes of Scandinavia. These colours work together to create a sense of elegance and calm with stylish ease.

“We pair a neutral beige tone with muted green and grey, reinforced with an earthy dark tone, to create a delicate, sophisticated, yet grounded and trustworthy personality.”


The Printing of Business Cards

While the images here are mockups, the actual business cards were printed on Mohawk Renewal Hemp, duplexed, with blind debossing on both sides.

“This paper contains 30% hemp fibre, blended with post-consumer paper waste, straw fibres, and recycled cotton textiles,” Giada said.

“The business cards convey the brand’s sustainability commitment towards nature and the connection with natural materials used in their projects.”

“At the same time, they communicate the brand’s prestige, level of quality, and eye for detail while evoking an extra-sensory experience through the blind-debossed elements.”


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Designed by Giada Tamborrino

For Studio He

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