Stöttinger Immobilien Real Estate Business Card

Stöttinger Immobilien Real Estate Business Card

Samuel Jungwirth designed these business cards for Stöttinger Immobilien, a real estate agency.

“The branding was based on the brand values – authenticity, trustworthiness and transparency,” Samuel said.

“The design idea was to use the topic ‘room’ and its 3 dimensionality as basis for the logo and the illustrations.”

“To visualize the value of transparency I decided to create the logo in 3D out of wireframes.”

The typeface used in the visual identity is Weissenhof Grotesk.

Orange and dark blue go hand in hand for a nice contrast! It’s particularly eye-catching for the 3D logo to appear partially on the front design, allowing space for imagination and creativity.

These business cards were printed on Colorplan finepaper by Infinitive Factory, the letterpress printer in Graz, Austria.

“I can recommend them very much, since they offer a personal service, good prices and top quality,” Samuel complimented.

“The business cards feel very natural and have a nice texture, reflecting the value of authenticity.”

“The cards got hot foil embossed with orange and white foil on dark blue paper,” he added.


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Designed by Samuel Jungwirth

Printed by Infinitive Factory

For Stöttinger Immobilien

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