Step Up Barber Shop Business Card

Step Up Barber Shop Business Card

Anastasios Chatzipanagos (3TA Design) designed these business cards for Step Up, a new barbershop in Athens.

“The look and feel of the barbershop itself is modern with vintage and ethnic elements,” Anastasios said.

“But most of all, it is a barbershop, it has to be classic.”

“So, I decided to mix all that elements into a classic style branding identity – one color design, serif fonts but using modern materials.”

“For the card design, I decided to give it a ‘vintage playing card’ feel.”

“Therefore, the contact info of the Step Up Barber Shop will become the hidden Ace in the hand of every man who demands the best for his appearance.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were designed in a way that they could be printed anywhere – either digital or offset printing.

“The best thing about using one-colour design and vector graphics is that, (as a graphic designer) you can have the ease of knowing that no matter where your client decides to print the cards, nothing can go wrong because it is just one color on a paper,” Anastasios said.

So if you’re into this vintage playing card (business card) design for that killer impression, this is a great example to follow!


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Designed by Anastasios Chatzipanagos at 3TA Design

For Step Up Barber Shop

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