Stella Marina hotel business card

Stella Marina Apartment Business Card

Marta Dal Farra designed these business cards for Stella Marina, an apartment building located in the centre of Verona, Italy.

The vertical layout is just right for this business card design, as it accommodates the delicate artwork perfectly! Also, the thin fonts are what the brand needs to convey a warm and inviting brand image.

“The location of Stella Marina is famous for its beautiful landscapes, cute balconies and sunshine every day. It is characterised by a modern and minimalistic interior design approach, with warm materials such as pink marble surfaces and wooden floors,” Marta said.

“This is why it was crucial for the brand to maintain an elegant, minimal and friendly look.”

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Logo Design & Illustration

According to Marta, the logo incorporates the luxurious environment that Stella Marina provides to its customers.

“The illustration, instead, gives the friendly touch that the brand was looking for by depicting the beautiful view outside each room, of lemon trees and Verona’s rooftops.”

Also, Marta incorporates graphic elements on both sides of the card to convey both daytime (a round sun) and night time (a crescent moon) respectively.

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A Minimal Colour Scheme & Typography

The typeface used for the visual identity is a sans-serif font named PP Hatton Ultralight. Marta chose it because of its close identity to serif fonts.

She explained, “This similarity gives the brand a modern look, but the style is still elegant.”

For the colour palette, the client requested to use no more than two colours for the branding.

“It was a necessary to use black for headlines and contact details, while orange was used as a secondary colour to illustrate lemons, which are an important element in the Stella Marina apartment.”

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Marta suggested having the cards printed on 150gsm fine grain paper.


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Stella Marina lodging business cardsStella Marina lodging business card_2

Designed by Marta Dal Farra

For Stella Marina Apartment

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