Stadtcontur business cards

Stadtcontur Architecture Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Stadtcontur, an architecture and urban planning office based in Germany.

Stadtcontur’s business owner, Iris Talle, approached Kira for the rebranding project. Kira developed the whole brand identity, including logo design, stationery and pattern illustration.

Iris wanted a fresh and modern look for her company after ten years in business, one that reflected both the technical and creative aspects of her work.

Stadtcontur sign

Logo Design & Typography

“For the logo, I decided to use Radikal. It’s a clean, modern and geometric typeface with a strong architectural feel,” Kira said.

“We tweaked the typeface and added two characteristic elements: The half circle and the roof. The former symbolises the creative process, while the latter represents building/construction, and the final result of the creative process.”

Stadtcontur logo animationStadtcontur symbols

Pattern Illustration & Colours

Following that, a pattern layout that combines all requirements was created. The use of straight lines and geometric shapes creates a distinct visual pattern.

“The pattern’s base and centre were inspired by the city centre of Bremen, where Stadtcontur’s office is also located. The core elements, the roof and the half circle, also repeat consistently in the pattern,” Kira said.

Stadtcontur illustrationStadtcontur business card_2

In order to differentiate Stadtcontur from the typical architectural colour scheme, Kira combined fresh orange with off-white. The orange colour emphasises the aspect of creativity and adds a light feminine and fresh touch to the branding.

These business cards were letterpress printed on high quality Gmund Heidi paper. According to Kira, this paper has a beautiful, rough texture that reminds people of building stones and materials. As a result, the material has some relevance to the architecture industry.

Stadtcontur business cardStadtcontur stationery_2Stadtcontur envelopeStadtcontur business card_1Stadtcontur logoStadtcontur stationery

Designed by Kira Bausch

For Stadtcontur

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