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Stack Toys Business Card

Anusha Nawalgaria designed these business cards for Stack Toys, a toy business based in India.

Stack Toys makes a unique line of magnetic and plain wooden blocks that can adapt to a child’s changing needs as they grow.

The wooden toys from the brand are simple enough to encourage creativity while being durable enough to be passed down through the ages.

The business card is designed similarly to the concept of the stacking toys.

With a unique layout that, when closed, appears to be a regular card with just the logo; when expanded, it reveals all of the brand information.

This is one of those interactive card designs that’s interesting enough to open conversations with prospects.

Stack Toys business card_animation


A Playful Logo Design

Similar to the products, the logo and icon are designed as such to not only attract attention, but to show how they can evolve with the company as well, with their simple, modular, and whimsical design.

When asked about the idea of using a strawberry as the brand icon, Anusha replied, “The inspiration behind the strawberry is one that’s personal. The brand owner loved strawberries as a child, and so does his daughter.”

“The brand is dedicated to his daughter, and he wanted the logo to be relatable to them. Also, their most iconic toy is a strawberry, which is stackable.”

Stack Toys logo


A Hidden Message Within the Logotype

Apart from the catchy icon, Anusha also used different fonts that match the brand’s overall image: Acier BAT for the logotype and Type Formal Light for the body text.

“The letter ‘A’ is flipped and stacked on a square, which makes the letter ‘Y’ in the word ‘STACK TOYS’.”

“It’s done this way to symbolise the stacking nature of the toys, which can be flipped too and used in multiple manners to create new objects.”

“The letter ‘A’ also represents a stacked pyramid, while the letter ‘Y’ represents a gulel (a.k.a. slingshot) also available at Stack Toys.”

Stack Toys business card_3Stack Toys products2


A Striking Colour Palette

The brand’s colour palette consists of just four colours, and with red stealing the show in the strawberry!

According to Anusha, the base colour is a light cream for easy legibility, and the red is taken from the strawberry.

“The base of the strawberry is a light wooden colour picked from the material of the toys when unpainted.”

“The blue adds a good contrast to the red and beige and balances out the palette.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed in-house by the business owner himself.

Regarding the specifications of the business card, Anusha mentioned that the paper size is 14 x 18 cm when opened up and 14 x 7 cm when closed.

“The paper is 120gsm thick, slightly textured. The folding is done manually by hand in India, where the printing happens.”

“The cards were then half cut with a paper knife and folded, so the folds remain intact,” she added.

Overall, it’s a unique business card design that shows how a little innovation can make a huge impression and stay memorable.


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Stack Toys business card_2Stack Toys_4Stack Toys products

Designed by Anusha Nawalgaria

3D Render by Ritik Sareen

For Stack Toys

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