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Splend Beauty Business Card

Mariia Islamnurova designed these business cards for Splend, an online beauty store that is selling Korean cosmetics and skincare products.

Splend has one of the largest stocks of makeup, skincare, haircare and tools. It’s the place to go if you want to have plenty of affordable-yet-sustainable options.

Splend is also planning to make products under their own brand.

Their business card is designed to express a welcoming and friendly vibe.

“I wanted Splend to be perceived as a modern and friendly company. ‘You look SPLENDid!’ a phrase on the back of a card should make a person feel good, as he/she turns over the card after reading the contact details,” Mariia said.

“Through the business card, the overall impression should be: beauty advisors are very welcoming, cheerful and easy to talk to.”

Splend Logo


Logo Design & Pattern

Mariia also created a character for the brand – a peacefully smiling girl – so that it’s recognizable and appears catchy at the same time.

“The mascot is cute and quirky, so it would look equally good on different types of products.”

“Some special items/features can also be added to this character according to the product, like coloured lips in a lip balm package design.”

As for the lovely pattern design, “It is simple and doesn’t draw the attention away from the main character.”

“It complements the logo and can easily be used for packaging or decorative elements.”

Splend Lip balm


Typography & Colour Palette

Since the logo is quite minimalistic, Mariia wanted to balance it out with a charismatic font. Gaegu Bold looks playful and it matches the overall spirit, that’s why it was chosen.

Explaining the inspiration behind the colours, she said, “I lived in China for some time and noticed that many modern Chinese companies use logos made only with black lines.”

“These logos were always very catchy and stylish.”

“Since Splend is focused on Korean cosmetic products, I wanted to give it an Asian touch (as I feel it).”

“That’s why I used a limited colour palette: basic black & white and a bit of red to spice it up.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would just go with thick cardstock to be as minimalistic as possible,” Mariia suggested.


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Designed by Mariia Islamnurova

For Splend

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